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(Submission format and presentation)
(Submission format and presentation)
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The business plan has the following sections:
The business plan has the following sections:
# Executive summary
# Executive summary: Opportunity and expectations
# Opportunity
# Opportunity
## Problem and solution
## Problem and solution

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Time frame

  • Group work: 25.04. – 16.06.2019, 9 am
  • Presentation: 06.06.2019 during plenary session

--> students participating in the intensive programmes in Romania are doing this assignment as part of the workshop

Task description

  • What if your team and your community became a company? You have now a common understanding of the challenge; you know about various social business cases, you are aware of business models: Now you can design your own business!
  • In your team you are going to think yourself through all the relevant steps required for starting a business such as: a business plan, a financing concept, a marketing scheme. ´
  • You will attend additional workshops in the Community Innovation Labs for advancing the design and pitching your idea
  • Share and communicate a vision of how things can be changed
  • Consult with your international team members about your local idea
  • Your findings will be presented to the plenary on Thursday, 06.06.2019
  • Your report will be submitted on Sunday, 16.06.2019

Submission format and presentation

The business plan has the following sections:

  1. Executive summary: Opportunity and expectations
  2. Opportunity
    1. Problem and solution
    2. Target market
    3. Competition
  1. Execution
    1. Operations
    2. Management plan
    3. Marketing & sales
    4. Milestones & metrics
  1. Financial plan
    1. Financing
    2. Revenue model
  2. Social/environmental/community impact
  3. Management plan
  1. Partner and stakeholder network
  1. Marketing plan

Masters students only:

  1. Social, ethical or community values
  2. Risk management

Templates and formats

  • The report should be developed based on our business plan template
  • The final presentation will be done with a PPT presentation. The presentation needs to be submitted before 06.06.2019, 9am and presented in the afternoon.
  • Prepare your presentation for 6th of June with this PPT template
  • There will be an invidiual upload area for submitting the reports, you will not be asked to put this material on the wiki
  • Report submission deadline is Sunday, 16th of June 2019

Evaluation criteria

  • Timely submission of deliverables
  • Creativity and innovation of business model and change theory
  • Extend to which the proposal meets the criteria of a social business (i.e. explicit social and/or environmental aims in combination with commercial, revenue-generating activities)
  • Completeness, depth and formal correctness of required elements
  • Visible synergy of project team
  • Quality of documentation
  • Quality of oral presentation (i.e. keeping time limits, clarity, expression, quality of presentation slides)
  • For your information, you may download the evaluation forms: