Seminar Minutes and References Session 5, 26th of April 2016

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Session topic

Phase B: Designing Ideas

B.1 Developing the Social Entreprise Business Model - Part 1

Session date: Tuesday, 16th of April 2016, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CET


  • Thematic input: Developing the Social Entreprise Business Model - Part 1, Carmen Paunescu, ASE Bucharest, Romania
  • Social business cases: The example of the Tagurpidi Lavka NGO in Estonia, presented by Riinu Lepa from the Estonian Social Entrepreneurship Network
  • Seminar sequence and assignments

Session slides and recordings

  • you can access the slides and recordings on ILIAS (open access)

Next steps for active participants

Overview of the workflow for assignment 3

Assignment 1 - Your local challenge

  • this assignment is finished

Assignment 2 - Field Research

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Read the Guideline for Field Research and the accompanying materials
  • You should have identified your SE now, please add the name of your enterprise to this list
  • within the coming days you need to meet in your working group to discuss cross-cutting/comparative aspects of your cases. A set of example questions has been provided in the field research guide
  • Summarize the findings of the interview in the case study template and at this to the wiki
  • Keep in mind the timeline of this assignment, there will be a presentation already on May 10

Assignment 3 - Design your business

  • Read the detailed description of this assignment
  • Write a short outline of your own idea on the wiki until 12th of May.
  • At the end of the seminar you will further elaborate on this idea based on the outcomes of the group work. You will then reflect on what would be specific in your local context.

Further references

Participant map

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Next Session: Group presentations - Your local challenges

Session date: Tuesday, 3rd of May 2016, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CEST

B.2 Designing ideas - Developing the Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan, Part 2, with Carmen Paunescu, ASE Bucharest