Assignment 2: Theory of Change (2020)

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Using Visioning Tools

Envisioning a Theory of Change (ToC) becomes necessary as soon as you and your community have identified a relevant local need and a desired alternative future. In the context of this seminar, we understand the Theory of Change as a Visioning Tool.

The goal of the ToC is to develop the missing link between an identified problem and the long-term positive vision you would like to co-create. Working on the Theory of Change collaboratively is very useful. It helps aligning different interests and stakeholder groups towards shared goals and a collective vision of change. This typically includes a process of clarifying priorities and possible wider benefits.

>>>For more information, please also check our seminar presentation on the Theory of Change

The Theory of Change Template

During our course, we will work with the Theory of Change Template developed by the DYI School. You can find a detailed explanation here:

You can practice with this template during the online class. The final version of your Theory of Change is developed in relation to the community context you are working on, either locally, as part of your online team or during the Intensive Programmes.

>>>Download assignment template Theory of Change

Submission and presentation

  • You present your Theory of Change within your tutored session to be scheduled in the period 21.04. and 27.04.2020 (your tutor will specify the date with you)
  • Please submit your theory of change on June 21, 2020, in the submission area on ILIAS.