Blended Intensive Programme Tartu

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{{#evu: |alignment=right |dimensions=500 |description= Watch a short video from our Social Entrepreneurship Intensive Study Programme in Lahemaa, EE, held in May 2018. Author: Felix Toepler }}

Key dates of the Tartu Blended Intensive Programme 2023

  • Time frame:
    • digital programme from mid March - June 2023
    • On-site ERASMUS workshop from April 21 - 30, 2023
    • Title: Rural Micro and SME Development: Developing Micro and SME enterprise in south Estonia
  • Host: Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU)
  • Focus Challenge: Nature based tourism and rural entrepreneurship
  • Community and workshop location: Setomaa Region, Sibulatee Region and Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
  • Participants: students and staff members from the ERASMUS partnership, villagers from Setomaa Community