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Community Learning for Local Change - A blended learning model

From Idea to Implementation

This overview page gives access to all learning materials of the online course 'From Idea to Implementation' developed with the framework of the CLLC ERASMUS project.

The course comprises a series of recorded lectures and lecture materials, as well as a template for developing a business plan in the field of social innovation.

The course materials and the assignment are designed for students and/or practitioners from all disciplines. Prior to this course, participants should have gone through a design thinking process, or a similar innovation process, so that they can join with a clear social innovation idea that they would like to advance. With help of the course materials, participants can bring their ideas further and develop them into a business plan. The business plan could become a foundation for seeking start-up capital or other support.

All materials are published as open educational resources and can be further used both by other instructors and by learners.

Course Materials


Phase A: Designing an Organisational Form

Phase B: Product and Service Design

Phase C: Developing the Financial Plan

Phase D: Promotion and Selling Strategies

Phase E: Management