Intensive Study Programme Arnhem 2022

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Watch a short video from our Social Entrepreneurship Intensive Study Programme in Arnhem, NL, held in May 2017. Author: Felix Toepler
Arnhem Workshop 2022

Key dates of the Arnhem Intensive Study Programme 2022

  • Time frame:
    • digital programme from mid March - June 2022.
    • On-site ERASMUS workshop from May 7 - 16, 2022
  • Host: VHL Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Focus Challenge: Local food system initiative: work with existing social enterprises and work with local sustainability challenges> build a local food strategy for the city of Arnhem
  • Community and workshop location: various civic groups and stakeholders from the City of Arnhem, NL
  • Participants: students and staff members from the ERASMUS partnership, local action groups and citizens

More information

Focus Areas of the Intensive Study Programme in Arnhem

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