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Watch a short video from our Social Entrepreneurship Intensive Study Programme in Lahemaa, EE, held in May 2018. Author: Felix Toepler

Key dates of the Lahemaa Intensive Study Programme 2020

  • Time frame: Friday, May 1 to Sunday, May 10, 2020
  • Host: Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) and Estonian Social Entreprise Network
  • Focus Challenge: Nature based tourism and rural entrepreneurship
  • Workshop Location: Lahemaa National Park and Estonian University of Life Scienes, Estonia
  • Participants: students and staff members from the Community Learning for Local Change ERASMUS partnership, villagers from Lahemaa Community

Lahemaa Challenges

A number of challenges had previously been identified, and the decision was to develop the Lahemaa CIL to address the following fields:

  • Lack of occupational opportunities
  • High seasonality
  • Competition from companies that are based in Tallinn
  • Restrictions on land use
  • Lack of collaboration, cooperation and partnerships between state, locals and municipalities
  • Lack of rural and recreational tourism coordination between different stakeholders
  • High dependency on EU projects
  • Local entrepreneurs lack a number of skills: online marketing, social media content creation, guiding, law, making their services suitable for different target groups etc.

More information

Focus Areas of the Intensive Study Programme

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