Project Partners 'Community Learning for Local Change'

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The project team at the international meeting at ASE in Bucharest in February 2019.


Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU)

Heldenrat e.V., Beratung für Soziale Bewegungen


Bucharest University for Economic Studies (ASE)

Atelier MERCI

WWF Romania


Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU)

Estonian Social Enterprise Network (SEV)


File:Kaisa.jpg|Kaisa Linno: Kaisa was a teacher in Tallinn who traded city life for country life 10 years ago, moving to the Lahemaa national park with her family. Since then she has been a community activist working at the local community centre and empowers NGOs to improve rural life together. Understanding that much can be done in the field of tourism inside a national park, she went back to university and got her second master's degree in nature-based tourism from the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Since then she has created NGO Ökokuller to find ways how local community can be involved in and benefit from tourism, especially in Lahemaa.

The Netherlands

Van Hall Larenstein (VHL)

Partnership Map

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