Assignment 1 – Find your local challenge

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Time frame

  • Identify your challenge: Week 1 (until 04.04.2016)
  • Group reflection time: Weeks 2 -3 (05. – 17.04.2016)
  • Present your findings: Week 4, 19.04.2016, 16 00 – 17 30 CET

Task description

  • Social, economic and environmental problems appear everywhere in our everyday environment. It is our local landscape where we as individuals are directly confronted with these problems – and also able to react.
  • At the very beginning of the seminar you are invited to reflect on your local context and its specific challenges. Try to select a topic that really matters to you because you are going to work on it further during the seminar. The challenge identified will also be a criterion for defining the seminar working groups as we intend to (ideally) group students from different countries, different disciplines and similar interests.
  • Your first step will be to prepare a graphical representation of your challenge and to upload it on the seminar wiki. On this basis, the groups will be formed and your page will be moved to a team page.
  • In the further, your group will analyze the background of the challenge identified. What are important cause-effect relationships? Who are the actors? Who is disadvantaged? What are the wider consequences? You will further reflect on the differences and similarities observed in the different countries.
  • Your findings will be visualized with concept maps or other visual tools and presented to the plenary.

Submission format and presentation

Individual work:

  • graphical representation of your challenge in JPG format
  • upload to the seminar wiki by simple file upload until 4th of April 2016,
  • use this file name: firstname_lastname_challenge.jpg
  • You may use any combination of graphics, text, images for representing your challenge. The end product should be one jpg file for upload on the wiki
  • One possibility is to use a powerpoint slide as a basis for representing your challenge. Go to 'save as' and save your PPT slide as a jpg

Group work:

  • we will form the working group based on the proximity of challenges addressed, further criteria will be international and interdisciplinary composition of the groups
  • based on your individual work you will reflect in your group about the wider context of your challenge (cause-effect relationships, similarities and differences of local conditions)
  • You can prepare this as a concept map and/ or any other visual thinking output
  • Each group prepares a 5 slides presentation until 18th of April 2016 based on this template
  • Group presentation: 19th of April 2016, 16 00 - 17 30 CET


Evaluation criteria

  • Timely submission of required documents
  • Depth and logic of analysis (i.e. integrating multiple viewpoints and value schemes)
  • Visual quality of representation (readability, clarity, creative expression)
  • Quality of oral presentation (i.e. keeping time limits, clarity, expression)