Assignment 3– Design your business

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Time frame

  • Group work:Week 7 – 12 (10.05. – 24.06.2016)
  • Presentation:21.06.2016 during plenary session

Task description

  • What if your team became a company? You have now a common understanding of the challenge; you know about various social business cases, you are aware of business models: Now you can design your own business!
  • In your team you are going to think yourself through all the relevant steps required for starting a business such as: a business plan, a financing concept, a marketing scheme.
  • But most importantly: share and communicate a vision of how things can be changed and why!
  • Your findings will be presented to the plenary on 21.06.2016
  • Your report will be submitted on Monday, 04.07.2016, 9 am (extended deadline)

Submission format and presentation

  • Individual work: Write a short outline of your own idea on the wiki until 23rd of May. At the end of the seminar you will further elaborate on this idea based on the outcomes of the group work. Reflect on what would be specific in your local context. Please prepare one page until 24th of June.
  • Group work:Based on the individual ideas outlines you will decide in your group on one idea that will elaborated in more detail until the end of the course. In parallel to the lectures given in course phases D/C your group prepares the following outputs:
  1. Define a theory of change for your own social enterprise (until 24.05.16)
  2. Describe your business model (until 24.05.16)
  3. Develop a draft business plan (until 31.05.16)
  4. Develop a financing model (until 07.06.16)
  5. Define your target groups and develop a marketing plan (until 14.06.16)
  6. Reflect on impact indicators (until 20.06.16)
  7. Revise your work, prepare and hold the final presentation on 21th of June
  • The report should be developed based on the business plan template
  • The final presentation will be done with a PPT presentation. The presentation needs to be submitted before 20.06.2016 and presented on the following day.
  • Prepare your presentation for June 21 with this PPT template
  • There will be an invidiual upload area for submitting the reports, you will not be asked to put this material on the wiki
  • Report submission deadline is Monday, 04.07.2016, 9 am (extended deadline!).

Evaluation criteria

  • Timely submission of deliverables
  • Creativity and innovation of business model and change theory
  • Extend to which the proposal meets the criteria of a social business (i.e. explicit social and/or environmental aims in combination with commercial, revenue-generating activities)
  • Completeness, depth and formal correctness of required elements
  • Visible synergy of project team
  • Quality of documentation
  • Quality of oral presentation (i.e. keeping time limits, clarity, expression, quality of presentation slides)