Assignment 4: Business Model Canvas (2024)

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Key dates

  • assigned: 09.04.2024
  • group presentation: 28.05.2024, 16 30 pm CET, during plenary session
  • submission: 28.05.2024, at 23:55 CET in the submission area (login required)
  • graded, 50% of course grade

Assignment Template

Elements of the Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas is a great development tool that helps you specify the core elements of a business and operation model. You can also use it for specifying a new organisational model.

These elements typically include:

  • Vision and mission

Key partners

  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Value proposition(s)
  • Customer relationships
  • Beneficiaries and customers
  • Channels
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams

In our context of social innovation, the business model canvas should further include information on: 'Your vision and mission with regard to social innovation (and/or wider sustainable development goals)

  • Social and/or environmental impact goals
  • Scalability

During the online course we will introduce you step by step to the business model canvas and you will have some opportunities for practicing during the tutored session.

A complete, detailed and elaborated Business Model Canvas is the main outcome of your group work in the local or in the international community labs, on in the virtual teams.