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'''>>> Back to [[Seminar_Social_Innovation_and_Entrepreneurship_Spring_2022|seminar overview]]'''
'''>>> Back to [[Seminar_Social_Innovation_and_Entrepreneurship_Spring_2022|seminar overview]]'''
[[File:CLLC - Online Course Structure 2021.jpg|thumb|500px|Overview of online process, learning activities and assignments]]
[[File:CLLC 2022 Session 1 Intro.jpg|thumb|500px|Overview of online process, learning activities and assignments]]
== Course Elements ==
== Course Elements ==

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Overview of online process, learning activities and assignments

Course Elements

The CLLC course includes four integrated assignments

This online course aims at preparing and accompanying students who are involved in designing community-based innovation ideas. The synchronous lectures on Tuesdays will provide you with theory and methods associated with core topics such as community – what they are and how to work with them, innovation, transformation, systems thinking, design thinking, business modelling and impact evaluation, to name only the most relevant. In addition, the Tuesday sessions will provide room for digital exchange with local stakeholders and community members.

International online course

  • The international online course with synchronous online sessions on Tuesdays from 16 30 – 18 00 CET and additional tutored online sessions.
  • Our class meets weekly from March 16 to June 9, 2020

Community cooperation

The entire course is based on a cooperation process with a local community which can be either

  • a community attached to your local university environment
  • a community attached to one of our partner universities.

We will connect to these European and Middle East communities through the internet by virtual collaboration. We will try to make this as intensive as possible so you can gain a virtual interculturalexperience. Under normal conditions, we would have offered on-site workshops in Estonia, Romania and Lebanon this year. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the pandemic situation will allow for on site visits.

Tutored sessions

The tutored online sessions provide room for you and your teams to engage with those theories and methods. We can apply them to the specific community context you are dealing with, either in your workshop areas or in your local university context. In addition, you can collaborate with students from our international CLLC network and learn from their perspectives on your issues and ideas.

Course Assignments

The CLLC programme has four compulsory assignments and they are integrated a learning process. All assignments require your active participation in the tutored online classes and/or on site in your community lab. In addition, critical engagement with CLLC theories and methods is necessary.

Assignment Templates and Online Submission Area

Overview and links to assignment details

Below we give you an overview of the compulsory course deliverables. Please check the links for more details of the assignments.

Nr Assignment presented on Submission Working Mode Assessment
1 Community Map and Theory of Change Online team presentation and submission of PDF version 20.04.2022 Team product Grade 30%
2.1 Community Innovation Field Research Online in the plenary on 04.05.2022 04.05.2022 Team Product Pass/not Pass
2.2 Community Innovation Field Research 04.05.2022 individual report and case study template Grade 30%
3 Pitching your Innovation Idea Online in the plenary on 18.05.2022 Team product Pass/not pass
4 Business Model Canvas Online in the plenary on 15.06.2022 15.06.2022 (31.05.2022 for ASE) Team or individual product Grade 40%