Balanced Scorecard

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"Allows managers to have a wider overview of an organization since it contains financial and non-financial measurements in a single report."

From: Advanced Glossary (2013). SESP: Social Entrepreneurship Strategy Planning. Retrieved from:[char]=all&cHash=e5075e35c2

"Balanced Scorecard implies that organizational performance is evaluated not only utilizing financial indicators, but also simultaneously non-financial indicators. Balanced Scorecard built a framework to transform organizational vision and strategies into a series of consistent performance indicators, and thus execute and control organizational administration, allow organizational members to more concretely learn the vision and strategies of organization, and also l and also help managers track the outcomes of implemented strategies."

Liang YH. (2013) Constructing Performance Measurement Indicators in the Government’ Information Unit in Taiwan: Using Balanced Scorecard and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process. In: Qi E., Shen J., Dou R. (eds) The 19th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg