Outputs ERASMUS Project 'Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change'

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Output 1 - Online course materials 'Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change'

The online course on social entrepreneurship will use self-study materials for building a common theoretical foundation. The material will be designed in such a way that different preconditions regarding the learners' prior knowledge will be taken into account (adaptive structures). The material will embrace theories, methods, tools, case studies, and terminology. All of this will be embedded into a blended learning concept consisting of self-study phases, virtual classroom sessions with peers/experts, and virtual team work with fellow students in other parts of Europe (and abroad).

Output 2 - Guidance report for university teachers: How to integrate social entrepreneurship into higher education?

This guidance report is addressed to academic teaching staff and intends to support teachers in integrating social entrepreneurship into higher education teaching and learning. In addition, the use of ICT-tools will be presented in order to enhance the use of e-learning and open online courses in this field. The report will take the findings from the course evaluations into account. It will be made available as an open educational resource.