SELC 2017 - First steps and how to get started

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How to get started?

  • Our first online session will be on Tuesday, 21st of March, from 16 00 – 17 30 pm CET.
  • You will receive a participation link shortly before the session.
  • From then onwards, we will meet online two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, always at 16 pm.

What do I have to do until 21st of March?

  • Read the assignment details for assignment 1 'Find your local challenge'
  • Listen to the introductory video lecture with Jeroen de Vries ‘Landscape as the arena of challenges
  • Reflect on your personal local context, your everyday landscape and think about social or environmental challenges in this landscape
  • Illustrate this challenge in a graphical/creative way and display this on one Powerpoint Slide
  • Save the slide as a JPG file
  • Upload it to the wiki before 21st of March

How to upload data on the wiki?

  • You will receive access data to the wiki and further instructions asap, please check your email

Seminar overview

Join the seminar group on Facebook

  • This FB group is for the seminar participants only

Participant surveys

  • Since this seminar is part of an educational development project we are carefully observing the learners' progress and development
  • We therefore kindly ask you to participate in the accompanying evaluation
  • You will receive a personal invitation to participate in the seminar survey within the next days