Session 1 - Tuesday, March 20 2018

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Session topic

Phase A: Identifying Challenges and Setting Goals A.1 Landscape as the Arena of Challenges

Session date: Tuesday, 20th of March 2018, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CET


  • Introduction to the project and the seminar by Dr. Ellen Fetzer, HfWU, Germany
  • Interview: Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs - a talk with Katri-Liis Reimann from Estonia
  • Interactive part: Your learning goals
  • Seminar sequence and assignments

World Cloud Learning Goals Poll

  • This is what comes out when you put all your answers into a world cloud creator
  • the terms 'learn' and 'learning' were left out

Wordcloud selc motivations 2018.jpg

Session slides and recordings

  • you can access the slides and recordings via this link (open access)

Next steps for active participants

  • Listen to the video lecture Defining the Social Enterprise (1) with Dr Roger Evans (20 minutes)
  • You will meet on Thursday, March 22, in your teams to further discuss the local challenges
  • Information about teams and meeting rooms will be send out before the session
  • Soundchecks are offered on March 22 from 14 pm onwards

Further references

Participant map

Please add your location to our interactive map, if you have not done so yet:

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Next Sessions

A.2 Defining the Social Entreprise (1)

Session date: Thursday, 22nd of March 2018, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CET

  • Team discussions and interaction with tutors in parallel rooms

A.3 Defining the Social Entreprise (2)

Session date: Tuesday, 27th of March 2018, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CET