Seminar Minutes and References Session 3, 12th of April 2016

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Session topic

Phase A: Identifying Challenges and Setting Goals

A.3 Design Thinking

Session date: Tuesday, 12th of April 2016, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CET


  • Thematic input: Design Thinking for Social Innovation by Frauke Godat, CAU Kiel, Germany
  • Addressing Environmental Challenges: Presentation and interview with Dieter van den Broeck from Commonland – 4 Returns on Landscape Investment
  • Seminar sequence and assignments

Session slides and recordings

  • you can access the slides and recordings on ILIAS (open access)

Next steps for active participants

Assignment 1 - Your local challenge

Until Monday, 18th of April

  • Complete your wiki template for this assignment
  • Please check this tutorial on how to add images to a wiki page
  • Prepare a 5-slides presentation with your findings based on this template
  • send your presentation to your seminar tutor

How will the presentation work?

  • 16 groups will present in five moderated breakout rooms (3 groups per room)
  • Your presentations will be ready in the rooms
  • Each group has 15-20 minutes to present + 10 minutes discussion
  • It is recommended to do a soundcheck, this will be possible from 13 30 – 16 pm, please sign up here
  • You need to attend with a headset, webcam optional
  • Please avoid built-in microphones (acoustic feedback!)
  • Everyone should say something – please plan this in advance and test the timing of your presentation
  • Moderators will cut the time after 20 minutes (for training purposes)

Assignment 2 - Field Research

Further references

Participant map

Please add your location to our interactive map, if you have not done so yet:

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Next Session: Group presentations - Your local challenges

Session date: Tuesday, 19th of April 2016, 16 00 - 17 30 pm CEST

Working groups presentation

Soundcheck possibility: 13 30 - 16 00 pm CEST, sign up here