Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change Online Seminar 2016 - Working Group G

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  • Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration! You can delete this text later on
  • How to start successful collaboration in an international team? Please have a look at our collaboration chart.

Assignment 1 - Your Local Challenge

  • You can read more details about this assignment here
  • There is an own page for your challenges reflection and analysis, please click on the link to find further details
  • go to --> Local Challenge Reflection Group G

Assignment 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Field Research

Links to your case study templates

Assignment 3 - Design your Business

  • You can read more details about this assignment here

Business Ideas

Group IDEA = A vertically integrated restaurant =

  • Concept of a restaurant, self-supplied by its own organic garden, cooking fresh products and offering it for an affordable price, shared in community. Offering the community a place to meet and enjoy tasty and healthy food, while providing for profit services such as company or vent catering to be able to be self sustaining.

Mirsa GISHTI - Germany

  • Business Idea: Open a network of community-restaurants or social-supermarkets that focus on making use of organic food from farmers and building employment places for underemployed groups. The profit from sales of food and beverage go to wages, training, and social improvement programs for the staff-beneficiaries.
  • Business Model: Employment and training skills

Andreea Bacria - Own (local) idea

Creating a nutritional education program by opening fast-good-food restaurants in students campuses and business areas and delivering trainings and workshops to the people in order to increase their awareness of healthy food and healthy lifestyle. The focus it will be on solving health problems by eating healthy. The food it will be provided from the local farmers and the workers will belong to disadvantaged groups.

Dave - For profit Catering/Cooking school

My idea is to open a for profit catering providing local comapnies, schools, events or other institutions with locally sourced organic food and using the derived profits to subsidize cooking classes targeting young people. By doing so I hope to raise awareness for local food, bring people together and also contribute to the Health of te people. Fair and transparent sourcing of all ingredients would be key to the for-profit catering. It would probably be smartest to first establish the catering business and offer cooking classes for the cost price and later on , once stable and/or growing use the profits to make participation cheaper. Inclusive cooking classes might be especially interesting to contribute socially to Arnhem.

Simona Pintrijel - Own (local) idea == I have in mind a place where to eat/drink healthy but also to have a space (like a dining room) to organise some events or to teach people how to cook their own food. Something cozy, creative where you can enjoy some delicious food and also learn about it.

Baptiste Vasseur - Own (local) idea

Creating a collaborative urban garden, giving the opportunity for people to share about the gardening, plants, and all the stuff referring to nature and that are more or less forgotten in the cities. But also to make them aware of the nowadays challenges of agriculture on a larger scale.