Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change Online Seminar 2016 - Working Group N

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  • Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration! You can delete this text later on
  • How to start successful collaboration in an international team? Please have a look at our collaboration chart.

Assignment 1 - Your Local Challenge

  • You can read more details about this assignment here
  • There is an own page for your challenges reflection and analysis, please click on the link to find further details
  • go to --> Local Challenge Reflection Group N

Assignment 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Field Research

Links to your case study templates

Assignment 3 - Design your Business

  • You can read more details about this assignment here

Business Ideas

The "common" idea is about gathering people around one common issue or problem such as housing, homelessness, among many other urban challenges. As a social enterprise, Connect the Dots brings people across diverse sectors together in one room to focus on one urban challenge, and can easily be applied to issues within companies and customer segmentation/validation, to generate revenue for the social causes and issues. Unlike conventional conferences, meetings, and workshops, this unique model, with a shared meal and conversation at its heart, engages and connects diverse, disconnected stakeholders from all and enables them transact, collaborate, and develop cross-boundary solutions.

Ana Rita Silva- Own (local) idea

  • Please write 1-2 sentences about an idea you have for your own context. You will elaborate on this a bit further at the end of the seminar (1 page reflection)

The idea it’s to create a residential structure for temporary use to promote effective support to its residents, people who are in socio-economic vulnerability, in social reintegration. The goal is to help a process of changing lifestyle, personal reorganization and promotion of skills.

Thibault Jaray - Own (local) idea

The original idea was to develop a local currency to create a stronger community feeling and to serve as a fund to help local projects. The double purpose was possible because the round up was collected on each transaction using the local currency and by donations.

Barbara Bareiß - Own (local) idea

My idea is to start an agency which finds tenants with low income and a "special" background (especially refugees, but also students, the elderly, etc.) for landlords who would like to rent their vacant houses/ appartments out to those people but are afraid of the additional effort it might include. The agency also offers services to support the tenants with the integration process/ other life challenges. To the landlords, the agency offers image benefits and a certain amount of financial safeguard to minimize the landlord's risk if the tenants can't pay.