Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change Online Seminar 2016 - Working Group H

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  • Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration! You can delete this text later on
  • How to start successful collaboration in an international team? Please have a look at our collaboration chart.

Assignment 1 - Your Local Challenge

  • You can read more details about this assignment here
  • There is an own page for your challenges reflection and analysis, please click on the link to find further details
  • go to --> Local Challenge Reflection Group H

Assignment 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Field Research

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Assignment 3 - Design your Business

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Business Ideas

Our working group's first idea(s) =

Our common idea as a group was to deliver to the population both locally and internationally products such as apps or online platforms that will help and guide them to achieve a better life for themselves in all the possible matters.

Jorge Dzib - Music Interactive

  • Please write 1-2 sentences about an idea you have for your own context. You will elaborate on this a bit further at the end of the seminar (1 page reflection)

The creation of an application and online platform for interaction with music. The idea is to give better access to a new way of improving music education that has been develop for the last 30 years.

There are tree main targets for this project: a very good tool for music education, a way giving access to classical music understanding for everyone and the third one a very good a way of developing multiple intelligences and personal development.

Music interactive is a start up free application software for creating, managing, analysing displaying and sharing scores of the listener or so cold “Meloritmias”.

A “Meloritmia” is a graphical image composed mainly by lines, points and letters for guiding interaction interaction with music by body movement. It is usually divided in two equal sides that correspond to the right and left hand.

Diana-Antonia Vlajie - SmartphoneApp

As far as I'm concerned regarding my initial local challenge, I figured out that an useful idea would be an App for Smartphones - taking into consideration that nowadays pretty much everyone has an intelligent phone with Internet access.

The idea is to collaborate as an entrepreneur with different restaurants and to convince them to add for a healthier lifestyle of the population a special section in their menu where the calories of the meal will be presented & calculated and will also influence the prices depending on how healthy or unhealthy the chosen products are.

By eating at these specific places presented in the App the clients will be able to check-in, and by doing this activity to receive further advantages or discounts at their next order or at the partner local gyms also displayed in the menu and in the App.

For both restaurants and local gyms, the App and everything that it involves will mean more popularity and more clients, for the population will mean an alternative for a better and healthier lifestyle and for me, as an entrepreneur, the App will be productive because I will gain money from the ads displayed in the free version and from the fee of 3 euros paid by the clients for the premium version without ads.

Member 4 - Own (local) idea

  • Please write 1-2 sentences about an idea you have for your own context. You will elaborate on this a bit further at the end of the seminar (1 page reflection)

My local challenge is about making inhabitants of major city’s realize how groceries are being processed and what a good way is not to spoil/waste it. I want to provide education and learning processes by making an online app where they can get more information about different sorts of groceries and what the best way is to keep them. Also provide examples of different meals they can prepare with them.

By providing this information people will understand and respect their food in a different way and hopefully less food will be thrown away. Putting advertisements in the app from larger supermarkets the app is able to gain profit.

  • We will add further specifications later on. Not all of this assignment will be published on the wiki as there will also be confidential contents