Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change Online Seminar 2016 - Working Group I

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  • Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration! You can delete this text later on
  • How to start successful collaboration in an international team? Please have a look at our collaboration chart.

Assignment 1 - Your Local Challenge

  • You can read more details about this assignment here
  • There is an own page for your challenges reflection and analysis, please click on the link to find further details
  • go to --> Local Challenge Reflection Group I

Assignment 2 - Social Entrepreneurship Field Research

Links to your case study templates

Assignment 3 - Design your Business

  • You can read more details about this assignment here

Business Ideas

Your working group's first idea(s)

  • As a group, please write 2-3 sentences about your common idea

Michelle Palmer - Own (local) idea

Establish a car repair garage that only takes people previously incarcerated in a youth detention centre for a period of less than 12 months and released in the last three years as apprentices. This will also fund a mentorship program for people in youth detention for less than 12 months, where former prisoners who have reintegrated into society will help others to do the same.

Alexander Pesch - Own (local) idea

Establish a youth/ sports house where youth criminals can participate to do sports/ activities. In addition, this will be establised in a form of a monthly membership (paid). Moreover, it will be given a possibilty to the youth crimimals to participate in social activities in order to collect points which they can exchange instead of paying for sports / activities. Idea: establish a social organization which promotes a point/pay system for sports or other activities (need to be further developed) in order to reintegrate youth criminals in society.

Member 3 - Own (local) idea

  • Please write 1-2 sentences about an idea you have for your own context. You will elaborate on this a bit further at the end of the seminar (1 page reflection)

  • We will add further specifications later on. Not all of this assignment will be published on the wiki as there will also be confidential contents